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Dangerous Tank

How To Play Dangerous Tank Game ?

Dangerous Tank; Very angry and scary to destroy a city largely by a lot of fun with it. Angry-looking Dangerous Tank going through the city s main hub. Destroying homes cars, apart from a roadside attack helicopters are destroyed. Although cold-blooded hero of our kit gives you the tools chaos. No two personalities in this game. I know a game like this. Tank Trouble. For a single play some practice, then the value to duel with your friends. If you start the game for the "Space" key. People to play a single tank, Two person with 2 tanks, select the options to play with. And the tank follow the information about "Space Key" and make transitions. Be ready for the game. To prepare for threats to attack from above the "S" key are used. For horizontal tanks, attack, "A and D" keys to set down with an oncoming attack and fire. And shoot with Space key. Jump a tough game to showcase the heaviest material in the "U" key. To destroy the remaining part of the city, "H & L" keys to move the tank move. To set up an ambush enemies "J" key to go back and install the most beautiful ambush. Attention!: They are shooting from above the helicopters and balloons. S missing from the car hits you soul and your score. We wish you sweet games.

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